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Flo Fab was established in 1981 by Denis Gauvreau who created and developed the products line and constantly being perfected by Marc Gauvreau, as well as by a team of professional engineers and designers. It’s a combination of existing designs from several renowned products and the innovative ideas of a new generation professionals.

Through the years, Flo Fab has acquired several companies and service entities including : AQUA-PROFAB (ASME Tanks manufacturer), MÉNARD, LÉONARD ÉLECTRIQUE, PMA. , Furthermore Flo Fab purchased equipment, fabrication designs and patterns from IDEALCO, a manufacturer of shell and tube type heat exchangers.

The after sales services, sales, engineering, R&D, production, quality control, accounting and administration departments of all the above companies share the same location.

In December 2014, Marc Gauvreau, son of the founder, acquired all shares of The company. Flo Fab and is constantly investing in new state of the art innovations new product like the XRI series and Prefab Skid for Hydronic Hearing 8 cooling system, pumping systems. This has allowed Flo Fab to retain competent and experienced staff of professionals with varied and specialized abilities that constantly work on improving our existing products and add new engineered solutions that exceeding customer’s expectations.

Flo Fab has grown quite rapidly and now proudly offers of a wide range of products available directly from one manufacturer. This includes pumps & pump packages, tanks, heat exchangers & hydronic accessories. This allows each project stakeholders to enjoy economical savings, peace of mind, best value for their investment and optimized total cost of ownership.

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