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1) Pump(s)
A single-stage coupled cast iron, bronze fitted casing, leak proof mechanical shaft seal, stainless steel large diameter corrosion resistant shaft, and bronze casing wearing. These pump(s) requirement allows handling of 2500F condensate without flashing and cavitation. The pump(s) is provided with an axial flow impeller being enclosed in a cast bronze construction. The pump(s) cast iron flanged volute has an internal cast iron baffle preventing pre-rotation of the condensate. The entire rotating assembly can be removed without distributing the discharge or return piping.
                                                                             Pump(s) Selection

              Each Pump Capacity: USGPM at   PSI   feet
2) Motor(s)
Open-drip proof motor, standard NEMA construction. Motor bearings are sealed and factory greased for extra-long trouble free operation. Single phase fractional Hp with dual voltage motors include built-in thermal overload protection. Motors are standard at 3450 RPM.
                                                                                    Motor(s) Selection
Motor(s) Hp
Cycle : Hz
Voltage :

3) Receiver
Receiver inlet, pump(s), vent and drain connections.

                                      Receiver Selection          Condensate (CVC)  Boiler feed (BFC or BFCE)
Capacity   gallons Type: Selection : Selection :
Shape:   Construction:

              Size:  "

  Size:   gallons
4) Receiver accessories:
Float switch(es) and alternator connections for complete flexibility
                                                                              Accessories Selection
Thermometer:   40 0 F to 300 0 F
Gauge Glass Assembly
Additional receiver tappings  "

5) Mechanical Controls:
For CVC Units:
Automatic operation is provided by an internal mounted enclosed adjustable float switch assembly, for simplex (S-CVC) or two float switches or control panel with electrical alternator for duplex (D-CVC) operation.
The alternator shall: Change the operating sequence automatically after each cycle.
                                                 Provide simultaneous operation under peak load conditions.
                                                Operate the second pump automatically, should the active pump or its control fail.

For Simplex Units:
For Duplex Units:
Control Panel w/Electrical Alternator
NEMA   Panel
Isolation valve(s) (optional) if required "
Discharge pressure gauge(s) with mini ball valve(s) (optional)
Inlet strainer for tank return connection (loose) "
Inlet basket strainer (cast iron receiver) "
For BFC or BFCE Units:
Automatic operation is provided by an internal mounted enclosed adjustable float switch operated by an internal make-up valve for boiler feed units.
For Simplex Units:
For Duplex Units:
or Control Panel W/Electrical Alternator
NEMA   Panel
Isolation valve(s) (optional) if required "
Discharge pressure gauge(s) with mini ball valve(s) (optional)
Pressure gauge(s):
Inlet strainer for tank return connection (loose) "
Inlet Y strainer "
Inlet basket strainer "
Float operated internal Make-up valve 
Gauge glass and shut-off valves
                                                                Mechanical Modifications
                                                                   Electrical Modification

Duplex control panels, combination starters with various forms of disconnects or circuit breakers, water resistant or explosion proof enclosures, hand-off auto switches, pilot lights and transformers providing low control voltage. All arrangements are CSA and/or UL approved. Transfer switches to alternate pump operation
or transfer pump-boiler relationship in multiple boiler installations.
See table

CONTROL PANEL:   (See EP section in FLO FAB catalogue for more details)
NEMA 3R for outdoor usage
EEMAC 2 Enclosure indoor water & light s
Inner Door for tamper prrofing any enclo
Enclosure Eemac/Nema 12 - Dust tight
Enclosure Eemac/Nema 4 - Outdoor - Prote
Enclosure Eemac/Nema 4X - Same as Item 4
Enclosure Eemac/Nema 4X -stainless steel
Alarm relay for remote indicator
Alarm block (buzzer-silence selector-pil
Alarm block - as above but with silence
Motor overload (over current) indication
As 7 but with dry contact for remote ind
Seal leak fault per pump (conductivity r
as 8 but with dry contact for remote ind
Motor overheat fault indication per pump
As 9 but with dry contact for remote ind
Pilot light for various function
Alarm bell
Elapsed time meter (Nema 1) per pump
Intrinsic safe relay (use when floats or
Pump control using conductivity relay an
Loss of phase fault indication (pilot li
Globe alarm (25 watt-non flashing-shatte
Pump protection with breaker on single p
Heater element + thermostat
Time clock use for alternating pumps 12
Time clock use for alternating pumps 24
Time clock weekly for alternating pumps
Main disconnect
Disconnect for each pump controlled by p
Installation of capacitor pack in panel
Alternating relay (Electro-Mech)
Fault indication (Relay + pilot light)
Alternating relay - Electronic
Alternator - Mechanical
Programmable Controller
24 volt circuitry for floats ( oil FOM)
Stop/Start with one float
Stop/Start with two floats
120V Supply for external load (Specify l
Emergency stop push button
Start stop a press switch in panel CPS
Start Stop press. switch out of panel CP
Low level indication (pilot light)
Low level indication - shutdown with rem
Low low level indication (pilot light)
Low low level indication - shut down wit
Additional stop-start push button per pu
Provision for connection of solenoid
Remote start/stop signal
24 Volt start signal
Lamp test push button
Push to test push button
Disable lag pump on external (Booster)
On delay timer (use to avoid nuisance tr
Off delay timer
Two positions selector
Pressure switch NEMA 4
High pressure alarm only
High pressure alarm and stop pump
Low pressure alarm
Low pressure alarme and stop pump
High Temperature alarm
High Temperature alarm and stop pump
Low Temperature alarm
Low Temperature alarm and stop pump
Connection for Aquastat
Indication only of pump failure to start
High high pressure alarm
High high pressure alarm and stop pump
Low Low pressure alarm
Low low pressure alarm and stop pump
Low low temperature alarm
Low low temperature alarm and stop pump
High high temperature alarm
High high temperature alarm and stop pum
Float failure alarm for 3 or 4 floats
Addition of bi-pass timer of fault (flow
pump lead selector switch
Ammeter - CT operated - for per pump
Voltmeter for system voltage - Direct re
Pump stop indication per pump
Alarm no flow (inclus bi-pass timer on s
Fault with latching relay and reset butt
Remote signal for low of power
Start lag pump on high level
Current detection relay per pump (to con
Current detection relay to start S-B pum
Loss of phase and phase reversal detecti
Timer for minimum run
Timer for maximum run
General alarm indication with relay
Lag pump demand indication light
Lightning arrestor
Extra for flashing function on pilot lig
Ground fault indication with pilot light
Duplex receptacle - 120 V - 100Watts
motor circuit interruptor instead of fus
Motor circuit interrupter (instead of fu
Moulded case circuit protector (replaces
Repeat cycle timer
Telephone dialler with battery back-up
Push button for misc. sequence (describe
Alarm high level
Start lag pump on high level
Pump start counter
Line or load reactor for above
Stop pump on low level in manual mode
micro-controller describe sequence
Blown fuse indication for single phase s
Incomming power from two sources in one
Incomming power from two sources in two
Circuit breaker protection for primary a
Circuit breaker protection for secondary
Soft start for reduced voltage starting
Forced ventilation (Louvre-Fan-Thermosta
Reversing starter
Through the door overload reset buttons
Tank alert
Flow switch CPS start on low pressure
Pressure switch additional
U/L approval of panel
Provision for padlock on enclosure
208/230 Surchage Panel
Microprocessor Booster & System
Alarm relay for remote indication