About us

Our history

Founded in 1981 by Denis Gauvreau, Flo Fab's products were developed by Marc Gauvreau and a team of engineers and designers. They combined established designs with new, innovative ideas.

Over the years, Flo Fab grew by acquiring several companies, including AQUA-PROFAB, MÉNARD, LÉONARD ÉLECTRIQUE, PMA, and IDEALCO (shell and tube type heat exchanger manufacturer). All departments now share the same location.

Later, in December 2014, Marc Gauvreau took full ownership. He invested in new innovations like the XRI series and Prefab Skid for Hydronic Heating & Cooling systems. The team focuses on improving products and exceeding customer expectations. Flo Fab offers a wide range of products, including pumps, tanks, heat exchangers, and hydronic accessories. They provide cost-effective solutions and peace of mind for project stakeholders.

FloFab 1981
The very begining!
First, let's explore Flo Fab's history. We'll go back to its humble beginnings. Dedication and hard work laid the foundation for its great achievements.
Flofab 2001
Great news, new facility!

Then, our new facility is now in a spacious, modern 27,125 sq. ft. space. Our growing team and the high demand for our products and services led to this expansion.

Flofab 2014
Ownership to Marc
Furthermore Marc Gauvreau became the proud owner and brought in exciting innovations like XRI series and Prefab Skid for Hydronic systems.
Flofab 2019
57,000 sq. ft. facility!
Finally, come check out our amazing expanded facility! It now has even more space, measuring 57,000 sq. ft.!
Flofab 2024
AHR 2024!
Soon, meet us at AHR Chicago and many other events in 2024 and beyond!