Our Team

FloFab’s team is dedicated and experienced. First, our experts bring years of knowledge to the table. They understand pumps inside and out. Therefore you get the best service possible.

Additionally, our technicians are highly trained. In fact, they undergo regular training to stay updated. Consequently, they are always ready to tackle new challenges. Moreover, they work efficiently to minimize downtime.


Marc Gauvreau

President | 39 YEARS

John Truett

VP of sales business development USA | 05 Years

40 Years in pump/hvac industry

Monica Kilian

Business Development Canada | 01 YEAR

30 Years in pump/hvac industry

Richard S. Poulin

VP | 06 Years

40 years in pump/hvac industry



Christopher Olliver

Procurement | 8 years

Michael Dugal

Project Manager | 1 YEAR

Navid Sadoughi

Director of inside application engineer | 5 YEARS

5 years in pump/hvac industry

Armand Failbachian

Quotation bid & specs | 1 YEAR



Mélissa Gauvreau

Accounting | 10 years

Julianne Gauvreau

Administration | 10 years

Karyna Lapierre

HR | 3 years

Angélie Gauvreau

Shipping | 10 years


Moe Kamaredine

Director of Engineering | 9 years

Khalid Kaida

Mechanical Designer | 5 Years

Pumps & systems

José Luis Orozco

Mechanical Designer | 1 Year

Pumps & systems

Juan Jose Gomez

Mechanical Designer | 1 year


Emilie B. Fauvel

Web & Graphic Designer | 1 Year

Negin Zadeh

Web Developer & IT | 1 Year

Furthermore, our support staff is always available. In general, they provide quick and helpful responses. Whether you have questions or need assistance, they are here to help. Altogether, their goal is to ensure you have a smooth experience.

Next, our team values communication. In essence, they keep you informed at every step. This transparency builds trust and confidence. Notably, you will always know the status of your pumps.

In addition, FloFab’s team focuses on safety. They follow strict safety protocols. This protects both your equipment and their work environment. Safe practices lead to reliable service.

Moreover, our team is flexible. They can adapt to your specific needs. Whether it’s an emergency repair or routine maintenance, they can handle it. This flexibility ensures your operations run smoothly.

Also, our team is proactive. They identify potential issues before they become problems. This approach saves time and money. Preventative care is a key part of their service.

Lastly, FloFab’s team is committed to excellence. They strive to exceed your expectations. Their dedication ensures high-quality service every time.

In summary, FloFab’s team is skilled, reliable, and customer-focused. Their expertise and dedication keep your pumps in top condition. Trust FloFab’s team for all your pump service needs. They are ready to help you succeed.