• 880RI Compact In-Line Centrifugal

FLO FAB In-Line pumps series 880RI is specifically designed for heating, air conditioning and industrial applications.

Suction and discharge nozzles are located 180 degree apart on the same centerline for mounting directly in a pipeline. This eliminates critical pipe alignment for assembly and minimum pipe strain. The need for costly foundation is eliminated which guarantees minimum space requirements. The motor and bracket assembly can be removed from the casing without disturbing the piping, on some of the above series. The impeller, mechanical seal, bronze shaft sleeve and wearings are therefore accessible for easy maintenance. Mechanical seals and bronze wearings are supplied as standard on all series pumps. A built-in purge system assures proper flushing and venting of seals Standard NEMA frame motors with JM, TC, TD or HP shafts on all models and specially designed for mechanical seal applications. Controlled tolerances and adequate bearings assure long life. Quick disconnect feature simplifies maintenance and saves time. Inspection or maintenance can be performed without disturbing the pump casing or the pipe flanges. The entire unit are built according to the quality control specifications of Flo Fab.

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Max flow

3 000 US GPM 680 m³/hr


650 ft 198 m


250 PSI 1724 kPa


200 HP 149 kW


FloFab's HVAC Pumps 880/880RI Compact In-Line Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves



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