◦ W, S Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

The Flo Fab’ shell and tube heat exchanger consists of two sides for two different fluids. The Tube Side fluid flows inside the tubes and is diverted by the heat exchanger head located on the end into two or four passes or circuits. The Shell Side fluid flows on the outside of the tubes and is contained by the shell where it is diverted by baffles or tube supports that also carry the weight of the tubes. The wall of the tubes is the heat transfer surface. The tube bundle consists of U-shaped tubes confined at one end by the tube sheet that separates the two fluids. The tube bundle is assembled into a steel shell and head that forms a two sided heat exchanger.

Steam and water are effective media for transferring heat. In typical HVAC heat applications, steam or hot water primary loops distribute heat from the central boiler out to secondary loops through U-tube style heat exchangers. Heat exchangers transfer heat from the building’s primary loops to secondary loops and can also serve as separation devices to reduce system costs. These loops serve auxiliary equipment like heating systems, potable water heating and pool water heating. The heat exchangers provide better temperature control, differential system operating pressures and separation of steam, water, glycol and potable water systems. In all cases, the heat exchanger is relied on to transfer as much heat as possible at the lowest cost.

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W, S

Max flow

3000 US GPM 681 m³/hr up to 250 PSI (1724 kpa) Steam


250 PSI 1724 kPa